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Bionic Carrots is a Minesweeper type of game inspired by research from MIT on how plants can be altered to detect explosives.

In this Minesweeper-inspired puzzle game, you place bionic carrots on a field to get information about the number of bombs close to the carrot.

But beware! If you place a carrot on a bomb the bomb will explode and also destroy all carrots planted around it.

You can also use a special bomb-revealing plant to mark a spot where you think there is a bomb. This plant can be safely planted on a bomb without setting it off. When placed on a bomb the plant will turn red. However, placing this plant will remove points from you score.

How many plants will you have left when the entire field is revealed?


  • Left-click to plant bionic carrots
  • Right-click to place special bomb-revealing plants


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Bionic_Carrots_Linux.zip 40 MB
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Bionic_Carrots_Win_32.zip 21 MB
Bionic_Carrots_Win_64.zip 21 MB

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